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Who are we


We increase
the profitability of our customers

Differential values

Global solutions for Contact Center

Our mission is to meet customer telephone support needs to drive efficiency and deliver solutions with high quality standards and innovative technology.

Our vision is to be a benchmark and leader in the telephone service sector, not only for the quality of service but also for the added value we give thanks to people and technology, focusing on the human and professional development of our workers.

Our values are what define who we are and how we want to be in order to grow within the company. These values guide us and influence our service when it comes to answering a call and our business goals.
  • Attitude - Attitude is the basis of everything. It is what allows us to achieve results, and enhance our training base and experience.
  • Respect - Vital value in order to foster a favorable work environment. Respect for the person regardless of function and position. We are all people and we are all important.
  • Customer Orientation - Meeting the customer’s need is our mission, so we need to enjoy talking to them and being able to help them.
  • Commitment - Professionalism with what we do. Feeling part of the business; and to think that if the company is doing well for me, it will be fine for me.
  • Teamwork - We share. By sharing, we learn and if we learn, we grow. If my partner is doing well, I will be fine too.
  • Communication - Communication is not just about expressing everything that should help improve our work environment, relationships and our day to day life; but it is also knowing how to listen. Things get better, they prosper, and they are resolved if they are heard and spoken.

European country of 70,000 inhabitants.

Small country located between Spain and France and surrounded by beautiful mountains, with great political stability and legal security. Easy access administration with favorable international score.

  • Citizen security and very low crime rate
  • Life quality
  • 10M visitors / year
  • Dynamic and diverse commercial sector